Have you ever stood in a familiar place feeling completely lost?

During our Summer holiday in 2016 we visited my native home country, South Africa. It was the first time I returned to see friends and family after 9 years. Raising a young family and financial constraints made it difficult to go back “home” at the time. Thankfully, I had many visitors from there and with the help of technology, the world doesn’t seem so big anymore.

The day before we were to board the flight back to the UK, I sat in a coffee shop with my husband and struggled to fight back the tears as we talked about the epic holiday we just experienced in the land where we both were born and raised. The generosity of friends and family ensured that we could give our children an incredible taste of the beauty and adventure that South Africa offers. However, this was not the reason why I struggled to stop the tears from falling into my toasted chicken mayo sandwhich. I was sad for a different reason.

Every day I am reminded that even though I reside in the UK and hold a British passport, I am not a native-born Brit. Little reminders that are hidden in language, in humour, in parenting, at work, in social gatherings and even in the food we eat. Being back in South Africa however, made me realise that what used to be familiar, was no longer familiar at all. People changed, places changed, things moved and shifted as the time passed. I no longer felt as if I belonged there, either. There I sat in that coffee shop, in a place I had known all my life, feeling completely lost.

It’s been a few years since my coffee-shop-meltdown, but I have found myself in that space of feeling a little lost in a familiar setting. Not feeling at home in my home. Not feeling comfortable in my own skin. Perhaps it is because of being stuck in a familiar place, in unfamiliar circumstances. Locked down in what is familiar, but surrounded in uncertainty. It is easy to feel a little lost these days.

A few nights ago as I was seeking the Lord about the way forward with a new creative venture I am embarking on, I found this verse in the Amplified (classic edition):

For once you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord: walk as children of Light (lead the lives of those native-born to the Light).
Ephesians 5:8

The word, native-born, really stood out to me as I read that passage. And it got me thinking… wondering, if perhaps I have forgotten that there is more light in me than darkness. In fact, there cannot be darkness wherever there is light. Perhaps the darkness that I am feeling will disappear as soon as I hit the switch.

Can we ever feel like we belong when we live in a world where we are not native-born? We are Kingdom-born children of Light. Stepping into that true idenity might feel a little uncomfortable and unfamiliar. Letting go of the darkness, of what used to be familiar can take time. You might even experience a coffee-shop-meltdown from time to time. But dear friend, can I encourange you to keep moving forward? Keep embracing the right identity; the Light-identity. Whatever is trying to keep you in the dark will soon lose its grip as you surrender to the Light.

After all, that is who you TRULY are.

Make this your declaration today:

I am a child of the Light and I walk through this life as one that is native-born to the Light.


Heavenly Father,

Thank you that you are the Father of Light and within you there is no darkness, no shaddows, no deception. Let your Light fill us completely until every place where darkness is trying to hide will be exposed. Holy Spirit, remind us of who we are: that we are children of the Light. We do not have anything to fear, because we carry the Light of the world within us.

Let your Light shine brighter and brighter upon us and within us today and every day to come.

In Jesus Name.


Heart Print:

Today, I hear the Father say:

“Arise, my Bright One! Shine with the Light of my Spirit that is alive in you. There is no darkness that can overwhelm you when you embrace the Light within you. Allow Truth to settle on you until you feel my comfort surround you. Let Truth rise from within you until you feel my power surge through every fibre of your being. I AM alive in you. My Spirit and Truth lives in YOU. Togehter, we are an unstoppable creative force. Partner with me and drive out the darkness around you. You were made to shine, right where you are. Child of Light, shine in my Love for you. In all things. Always.” ❤

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