Face To Face

Have you experienced the frustration of trying to untangle a ball of string that seems to become more tangled the harder you try? That would be the perfect metaphor for my life. I would read about peace, joy and freedom in the Word of God, but the harder I tried to achieve those things, the more tangled I became in my struggle. I was truly stuck.

My heart was crying out for freedom, but no amount of striving could get me to that point. All the things I tried to get free seemed to be working for everyone else, but me. The truth, however, is that I was never able to untangle myself in the first place. I needed help. And there was only one Person who could help me.

It was as I saw the face of my Heavenly Father that the walls of my stronghold started to crumble. When I saw the face of King Frederick in the movie, Tangled, I also saw the face of my Father. A Father who celebrated his daughter, even though she was stuck in a stronghold. A Father who was grieved about the condition of my tangled heart.

Becoming untangled is not an instant fix. That moment in the movie theatre was only the starting point of a process of looking into the Face of the Father and discovering the depth of love and freedom I have in Him. Looking into His face is how we become untangled.

Use your eyes.

In Ephesians 1:15-23 Paul prays that the church will receiving the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in the intimate knowledge of God. That the eyes of their heart will be enlightened. This is how they will know who they are and what they have inherited as saints in Christ.

Our eyes need to be filled with light. Matthew 6:22 says that if our eye is full of light our whole body will be filled with light. Psalm 119:105 says that the Word of God is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.

In John 1 we read that Jesus, Himself is the Word made flesh and the Light of the world. If we want to see with our spiritual eyes we need to spend some time in the Light. We need to lock our eyes onto His.

Use your ears.

John 8:47 says that if we are from God, we can hear His voice. In John 10, Jesus says that his sheep can hear His voice and they do not follow the voice of the stranger. Hearing the voice of the Father, what He says about us, and how He feels about us is such a valuable gift and privilege. Not only does He give us direction for our lives, but His words transform us.

God spoke all of creation into existence. When He speaks, every atom has to obey. When we hear His Word spoken over us, it transforms us. How would you not want to hear the voice of your Father every day?

Use your mouth.

Your greatest weapon is under your nose. With the mouth you confess unto salvation (Romans 10:10). That does not just apply to becoming ‘saved’ or ‘born again’. As one who is created in the image of the Creator, when you speak you release the power to bring salvation into the world around you.

When you align your words with the Father’s Word (particularly His words about YOU), you are releasing *salvation (*you might want to look up the definition in English and Hebrew to see what is included in that potent word) into the world around you.

Luke 1:37 says that no Word from God will ever be without power or impossible of fulfilment. Isaiah 55:11 says that God’s Word will never return void, it always accomplish the very thing that it was sent for.

So let’s spend some time with our Father. Face to face. With eyes full of light and ears that hear His voice. Let us declare and release His Words of Salvation into our own lives and the world around us.

Light for your path:

Lovers of God have been given eyes to see
with spiritual discernment
and ears to hear from God.
Proverbs 20:12 TPT

Make this your declaration:

“I love you Father! Thank you for the gift of spiritual discernment. Thank you for eyes to see you and for ears that hear your voice.”

Heart Print:

Today I hear the Father say: “Glorious One. I love spending time with you. Allow the light of my love to fill your heart. My love will activate and energise your faith. My love is a powerful force that is alive and working in you. Allow it to grow stronger and stronger each day. It is that love that will transform you and the world you live in. You are my Beloved. Be Loved.” ❤

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