Fresh focus

When I tuck my children into bed at night, I often encourage them to imagine what heaven is like. One evening, I asked my daughter to tell me what she pictured. When I asked her about what she thinks God the Father is like, she hesitated. She said: “Mum, I watched this video on YouTube where these kids made a cartoon character about God, and it wasn’t very nice. Now, when I go to sleep and I imagine God, I can’t get that image out of my head.”

Resisting the urge to say “I told you not to watch that stuff!”, I felt the Holy Spirit gently nudging me to give her a new image. I told her how, when she was a little baby, I really had a hard time with my mind and my emotions. I shared with her, how I grew up hearing that God loved me, but not really believing that I was deserving of that love.

Then one day, I went to the cinema to watch a Disney movie called, Tangled. I saw a King who was deeply moved for his daughter. You see, only a short while after she was born, a wicked old lady took her from the Kingdom and locked her in a tower, but her father never gave up celebrating her. Every year on her birthday, he sent out lanterns. Those lanterns would one day, lead her back home.

“When I think about the Father,” I told my (then) 9-year-old daughter, “I think about that king in Tangled. I see the tear rolling down his cheek before he lights that first lantern on Rapunzel’s birthday. I see the love in His eyes, when his lost daughter returns. Maybe you could use that image, Zoë?”

“Wow, Mum!” she said, “you got all that from a movie?”

Yes! God speaks through movies. He speaks to us all the time, if we just open our hearts to receive what He has for us. If we would just turn our attention to His voice, we will hear Him tell us how much we are treasured and loved.

We all need a new image of the Father. There is always more of His heart to discover. It feels a little strange that it took a trip to the cinema to correct my image of the Father. It took a fairy tale to bring His heart into focus, but that image needs to be refreshed every day.

The enemy loves to add a little filter to distort what we see, just enough to get us to question the Father’s heart towards us. “Did God really say?” is the oldest trick in the book. “He’s keeping you from all the good stuff…” is another filter that he likes to use.

A heart that questions the love of the Father is a tangled heart. A tangled heart is unable to function in the way that it was created to function. There is a reason why the enemy wants to skew your vision of the Father. There is a reason why he wants to keep your heart tangled.

Your heart is significant.

That is why you have to guard it above all (Proverbs 4:23). Guard your heart by keeping the image of your Father into focus. Do not allow circumstances to lay a filter over your picture of His heart for you. Do not entertain the lies that are writing question marks over His love for you.

He who did not spare [even] His own Son, but gave Him up for us all, how will He not also, along with Him, graciously give us all things?”
Romans 8:32 AMP

Dear friend, the Father gave up His greatest Treasure, to win back your heart. He did it because He loves you and because your heart was worth the sacrifice. Your heart is significant and priceless. He is not withholding anything from you; in Jesus, He has provided everything you could ever need. Healing. Deliverance. Freedom. Provision. Restoration.

It’s time to get a fresh image of the Father. To focus on His perfect, limitless love for you.

It’s time to get your heart untangled.


Today, I hear the Father say: “Glorious Child. I am patiently waiting for you to adjust your vision. The more of my heart you see, the sharper the view of your world will be. There are no limitations when your eyes are fixed on me. When you follow where I lead. Do not lose sight of my heart. Stay close as you keep in step with each beat. You are my joy and my greatest delight. My pearl of great price.” ❤

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