The Battle

Right now, we are finding ourselves in the middle of a raging war. Have you noticed? I am not talking about the war against this dreaded virus, or any social or political agenda either. I am talking about a war that is happening in the realm of the unseen.

I started to take notice of it last week, as I lost my temper several times in the most horrendous way. I noticed it, as I dragged myself out of bed several mornings, after spending most of the night trying to switch off and struggling to sleep. I noticed it, as I have been increasingly getting irritated with little things and even started hearing myself say things like: “I just can’t do this anymore!”

What happened? Where did I lose my peace and my joy? Perhaps I haven’t been paying attention to the real enemy hiding behind the screen of COVID-19. An enemy who is after the most powerful weapon I carry: my heart.

My eyes were opened as I worked on my book last night. As I looked at the story of David standing toe to toe with Goliath (1 Samuel 17), I realised that the giant was only the puppet behind which the real enemy was trying to hide. The real battle was for David’s heart – the heart of the future king of Israel.

Perhaps the war started a long time before David even stepped onto the battlefield. Maybe the enemy tried to inject his heart with offence as David’s own father didn’t consider him as future-ruler-material. Maybe he stirred up jealousy in the hearts of David’s brothers when they weren’t chosen by the prophet. Maybe the enemy tried to discourage David when his oldest brother called him prideful and accused him of only coming to the battlefield to watch the “show”.

David, however, was not about to let a giant enemy taint the reputation of the God he knew and loved. Even against king Saul’s better judgment, he ran towards that giant without a shred of armor on his body; armed with only five smooth stones and a shepherd’s sling. But take a closer look at this picture with the eyes of your heart, and you will see that David’s true armor was fully intact.

He wore his helmet of salvation: a mind filled with the truth. He wore his breastplate of righteousness: he knew that he was not only in right standing with the Creator of Heaven and Earth, but he was deeply loved by Him. The Sword of the Spirit pierced the heart of that giant as David decreed what God was about to do, even before David decapitated his enemy with his own weapon.

In the natural it may have seemed that the scales were tipped in favor of Goliath, but the battle behind the scenes told a different story. The enemy hiding behind the giant puppet had no real power, and the little shepherd boy was backed by the angel armies of Heaven; even the Creator of Heaven and Earth Himself.

The scales were tipped indeed, but they were tipped towards David. It was never a fair fight to begin with.

The battle we read about is between the Israelites and the Philistines, but the actual battle was for David’s heart. The battle that we find ourselves in, today is not a fight for survival against this unseen virus. The battle is for our hearts. When we lose heart, we surrender it to an enemy who craves the creative power it carries.

Our mouths spill over with the faith we have stored up in our hearts. That faith can align with the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the One who came to give us life more abundantly. Or the puppeteer who only comes to steal, kill and destroy. That is why the enemy so desperately wants access to our hearts – we empower him as we agree with his thoughts.

David did not lose heart; he was not intimidated by the giant in front of him because his confidence was in the One Who was standing behind him.

Which makes me wonder what happened to my confidence? Have I surrendered my heart and allow the little frustrations and irritations intimidate me? Have I become weary in standing firm in the intimate knowledge of the One who deeply loves me? The One who surrendered His life for me?

It pains me to say it, but I have allowed the enemy access to my heart as I aligned with the arrows he fired at my mind. In agreement with his lies, I have uttered words of hopelessness and defeat; releasing his poison into the atmosphere in our house; but it stops here. He has been caught and I am taking my heart back today!

It’s time to remember Whose shadow I am standing under.

“But let them all be glad,
those who turn aside to hide themselves in you.
May they keep shouting for joy forever!
Overshadow them in your presence as they sing and rejoice.
Then every lover of your name will burst forth with endless joy.
Lord, how wonderfully you bless the righteous.
Your favor wraps around each one and covers them
under your canopy of kindness and joy.”

Psalm 5:11-12 TPT


Today, I hear the Father say: “Wonderful Child, look up! I am the shield around you, your glory and the lifter of your head. Don’t let your head hang in discouragement or frustration. Lift your eyes and allow your heart to connect with mine. Allow my strength to be your confidence. Receive my grace for your race. When you plant your feet on mine, you won’t get weary as we run. I have got you! We have already won.” ❤

2 thoughts on “The Battle

    1. Praying that you will find strength and encouragement in the unfailing love of the Father. He is so close to you, you are standing in His shadow. The scales are tipped in your favour ❤


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