A Heavenly Mandate

“And they shall rebuild the ancient ruins; they shall raise up the former desolations and renew the ruined cities, the devastations of many generations.”
Isaiah 61:4 AMPC

It’s been a weird old week. I have been running full steam ahead and haven’t skipped one day of writing since the first day of this year. However, this last week I just seemed to crash. I’m tired.

Silencing the perfectionist in me has been an effort in itself. There is a gaping whole in my blog-feed and it has been bothering me. Ha! Then the rational-me comes to the defense and reminds me that I can’t give out of an empty well. I need to rest.

This week has given me a much needed break, but it has also been full of moments where the Father has broken through the weariness to lift up my head and remind me that what He has called me to do, is not just a crazy whim but an actual mandate from Heaven.

I have been blown away by the many different ways that God has confirmed this Word through many different channels and people; going back to the original mandate has empowered me to jump back into the race set before me.

For over half a decade I have tried to write this book, but didn’t get very far. At some point of the process, I stopped believing that there was any treasure to be found in this message and I put it out of sight and mind. Towards the end of 2018, I felt a gentle nudge of the Holy Spirit to pick it up again.

On the 10th of January 2019 whilst praying, I had a vision: I saw myself standing in an overgrown forest, inside a broken-down building. It resembled an old cathedral; the walls were torn down in part, but there were some stained-glass windows still intact. Bright light was piercing through the trees and windows, pouring into the ruins. I sensed Jesus standing next to me. A strong wind started blowing inside the building. I knew that it was the Spirit of the Lord. It moved everything around. Leaves were lifted off the floor; bricks were put back into place. Everything inside these ruins shifted and moved into its original, beautiful design.

This is what I wrote down in my journal, as I sensed the Spirit of the Lord saying:

Beautiful Ruins,
Restore, Restore!
The temples of my Holy Spirit.
My dwelling place.
Containers of life, peace, joy and love.
Life-light piercing in and pouring out.
Rebuild, rebuild my beautiful ruins.
Broken walls rebuilt – even stronger than before.
Precious gems and jewels and gold and silver and marble – only the best for the King of Glory.
I am the Glory that fills the dwelling place.
You are the dwelling place of the Most High.
I live in you.
Riches and Glory are in my House.
You are my House.
I’m coming soon.
For a beautiful Bride: glowing, strong, standing in her true identity.
Wake Up my Sleeping Beauties.
Time to Rise and Shine – Your Light has come.
You are the sounding alarm of Love.
You are my Beautiful Voice echoing through the nightmares: “Wake up from your slumber! Beautiful Ones, Radiant Ones, Shine!”

I was quite astounded as I wrote down these words in my journal. Is this really from the Lord? I have to be honest with you, I wasn’t sure. But then the Holy Spirit led me to read Isaiah 60, 61 and 62:1-4 and I cried as these scriptures, beautifully confirmed the words I received from Him.

This is not just a book, but a heavenly mandate. A call to wake up all the beautiful children of God to come into the light and be seen for who they truly are: Strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might. It’s time for each one of us to shine with the Light that God has placed on the inside of us.

It is time to untangle from the things that have defined you as “less than”, “worthless”, “victim”, “slave” and rise up into what God calls you: “Holy”, “Free”, “Beautiful”, “Victor”, “Child”.

Beautiful friend, I don’t believe that it is by chance that you are reading this right now. I want you to know that you are here, on this earth for such a time as this and that God wants to do a full restoration work in you. In all of us, because we are entering our time to be filled with His glory-light and shine. I am on this journey with you, yielding to the work of the Spirit as He removes all the dross from the old season. As He shifts and moves everything into place.

It is a new day. It has felt overwhelming at times. It certainly feels uncomfortable and uncertain, but I believe it is going to be a glorious day. However, we do not have to clean up our own act. We have a supernatural task force that will do the work in us as we yield to the Spirit and to Truth.

Today, I am picking up my pen to continue the work I was assigned for, believing that the Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because He has anointed me to tell my story.

It is a story that will awaken you to the heart of a Father who is good. It is a story that will silence the voice of the one who is afflicting you. It is a story that will untangle your broken heart and bind it up with words of tender love. It is a story that will open the eyes of your heart to who you truly are; giving you the permission and authority to step our of your stronghold.

It is a story that will tell you what you need to know more than anything:

You are His favourite.


Today, I hear the Father saying: “My Favourite One. Yes, you! You are the one my heart delights in. Not because of what you do, but because of who you are. Fashioned in my likeness: glorious and brave. You have all the grace to run your race. Sit with me. Walk with me. Run with me. In boldness and power, with Heaven behind you. We are unstoppable. It’s time!” ❤

2 thoughts on “A Heavenly Mandate

  1. I absolutely loved your writing, I cried my eyes out, I had a similar dream in 1973/4 ,I was walking through a church the pews were all scattered around and the roof was gone. In the rubble I found a small I think it was gold horse in a running pose, mounted on a plinth with a metal plate with something written in French,which I always wondered what it meant, I think you may have just told me thank you brother.

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    1. That’s so encouraging to hear, Paul. God is certainly moving and doing His wonderful restoration work as we yield to His Spirit and Truth. The best is yet to come. Thank you for reading and commenting.


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