Simple Truth

“Tell the repo man,
And the stars above,
That you’re the one I love,
You are the one I love,
The one I love”
David Gray

Songwriters: Craig Mcclune / David GrayThe One I Love lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., BMG Rights Management

These were the words I woke up to this morning. David Gray is one of my favourite artists, but I haven’t listened to his music in ages. I know that when an unexpected tune drops in my spirit, I need to pay attention. I looked up the lyrics of the song and not being sure what a ‘repo man’ was, I did a little digging on Google.

Google says, a repo man is “a person employed to repossess goods for which a purchaser has defaulted on payment.” Aah, it’s short for repossess! I started listening to the song as I got ready for the day and I could feel the presence of God in my room. As I listened, I had a vision of dancing with Jesus on the deck of that bay hotel that David Gray was singing about.

There are times when I take life way too seriously. I think this probably stems from my upbringing as a first-born child of a pastor. My sense of responsibility and obligation seems to be over developed. Since responding to the call to write and publish my book, I have been working really hard and throwing myself completely into this project. Sometimes I lose sight of the joy of just dancing with Jesus.

With all the hours that I have poured into my book, I have also been feeling a sense of guilt that I am not doing enough of my other Christian duties. I am not praying enough, or reading the Bible enough, or fasting (at all) or serving others enough. But what is enough? Can we ever do enough? Even Jesus said, that there will always be something more to do, but being with Him is the most important (John 12:8).

In John 12 we read how Mary anointed the feet of Jesus with her most expensive perfume. Judas called her out for wasting expensive perfume that could have fed many poor, hungry people, but Jesus put him right. Yes, we need to be doing our duties as good Christians, but not at the cost of being with our Beloved. Our duty and service should flow from being with Him.

Like Judas sniped at Mary, the repo man had been knocking on my door, demanding that I was behind in my religious payments; but my Beloved reminded me to tell that repo man: I am the one He loves. The payment has been made, I owe him nothing. I have permission to take my precious time and delight in presence of the One I love.

Dear friend, can I remind you, the repo man, and the even stars above that you are the One He loves. He does not require you to work your fingers to the bone in order to prove that you are good enough. It is from sitting at His feet, anointing Him with our praise and affection, that we become who He has created us to be.

I needed this reminder today (again). I needed to dance with Jesus.

Make some time to sit at His feet. Let Him tell you how much He loves you. It has removed all the guilt and condemnation from my heart this morning and I am going about my day, doing all my hard work, with a joyful song in my heart. With this simple truth:

I am the One He loves.

“Suddenly, he transported me into his house of wine—
he looked upon me with his unrelenting love divine.”
Song of Solomon 2:4 TPT


Today, I hear my beautiful Beloved say: “Lovely One. You have permission to enjoy me, just like I enjoy your company. You have permission to worship me in your unique, creative way. There is no standard to reach, I am your standard. Let your works flow from a heart that is connected with mine. Take my hand and we’ll dance upon the high places of challenge and responsibility. You have permission to be you.” ❤

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