Since joining the Unlocking your book mentorship programme in November, I have been learning so much. For one, I have started this daily, devotional blog. This would be my first step to becoming a published author.

Then I learned to create some social media accounts to get my message out there, in the big, wide world. I started posting two to three times daily. Posting little snippets from my blog, or a few thoughts that God has put on my heart for the day. Now I am even doing live posts, something that I wouldn’t even considered a few months ago.

The learning curve has been a steep one, but I have followed the little steps shown to me by the incredible mentors of this programme. There have been some obstacles to overcome, but the greatest challenge for me, was pushing that publish button for the first time. It felt like my heart was about to jump out of my throat.

For years I have carried this message of the love of the Father in my heart. I have always believed that the encounter that I had with Him was significant. It changed everything in my life for the better, and that’s why I feel compelled to share it with the world. But, if I’m honest, there are days when I question why God would choose me to deliver the message.

One of the keys that the Holy Spirit gave me when I started my journey into a lifestyle of freedom was humility. At first glance, you may never have guessed that I had a really big battle with pride. Neither did I! I thought I was the most humble person on the planet, because I thought so little of myself.

I remember a discussion with my High School Maths teacher after class one day. She tried her very best to convince me that I was better than I thought I was. I stubbornly refused to believe her and when she finally gave up trying to convince me and sending me home, she said: “You know Meliza, not accepting that you are unique and special and worth investing in, is just another form of pride!”

I left her classroom with my head hanging down in shame. This was the opposite response she was hoping for, but my heart would just not allow me to believe that there was anything in me worthy of love and attention. Surely thinking that I am unique and special would be prideful. Wasn’t I being humble by considering myself worthless?

I have come a long way from that day in that classroom and it has required me to make an intentional shift in how I think about myself. One of the things questions the Holy Spirit asked me was this: Are you willing to let go of what you think you know and who you think you are, to embrace what the Father says about you?

There are many different takes on the concept of humility. I do not recommend that we have to go around boasting about ourselves with puffed up egos, but we also don’t have to crawl around life like insignificant, little worms. Humility is not making yourself less significant, it is embracing the significance what you were created to function in; understanding who you are and what you have been called to do on this earth. All this is for one reason only: to glorify God.

Wearing shame and self-loathing like a badge is prideful. You are saying that you know better than God, and you are making an idol of your struggle. Living in shame, condemnation and oppression does not bring Him any glory, so we need to let it go. Recently, I have noticed that there are still hesitations; little doubts that are hiding in my heart.

It is time to get rid of any form of pride that will give access to the enemy. My heart is precious and powerful. It is the greatest treasure and the greatest weapon I have to guard, because whatever spills out of it will effect everything around me.

Are you willing to let go of what you think you know about yourself?

It’s time to embrace who you are and step into everything that God has dreamed about, even before you were born.

Today, I pray for us all to have the courage to be humble enough to believe the truth; to believe every Word the Father declares over us. As we do this, I know that His glory will be seen in us. Love that will draw all men unto Him.

“Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time…”
1 Peter 5:6 NKJV


Today, I hear the Father say: “Beautiful Child. I have poured so much care and attention into your unique design. In holiness, purity and wisdom I fashioned you and predestined you to be mine. Every part of you were created and assembled to fulfill purpose and destiny. You are a spectacular work. One that I am so proud of. So fond of. A favourite. One that I love.” ❤

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