This morning I found my son behind my laptop, looking really distressed. He started with the work his school has for him for this time in isolation, but I could see that he wasn’t really getting started with anything. When I asked him which subject he was focusing on, he started to look a little flustered. He told me that his anxiety was out of control.

He wasn’t really worried about the work he had to complete; his anxiety was induced by a culmination of everything going on at the minute. On top of that, he started thinking about a lot of things that people have said to him in the past. My not-even-thirteen-year-old-yet was worried about his reputation. Imagine worrying about what people think about you, when you’re in isolation!

So we put the homework aside for a minute. We sat down in the kids’ lounge and we talked. As we unraveled the twisted, tangled up thoughts in his mind, I started sharing with him about David. The future king of Israel did not have a great reputation to start with either. Even his own brother questioned his motives just moments before he slayed Goliath.

David was so insignificant, that his own father didn’t think it would be worth calling him in from his shepherding duties to be considered for the position of future king. But God looked at David’s heart. David was His close friend. God knew him intimately, because David spent most of his life in the field in communion with God.

This is where David did his homework; in the field with the sheep. In the seemingly insignificant moments, God was preparing David to rule over His people. Homework prepares us for the exams we write in life. Sometimes we an pour all our time into Maths and English, but neglect the weightier matters of the heart. What will good GCSE results do, when we’re unraveling when the going gets tough?

Looking after our hearts are just as important. We can be consumed about building and preparing for a successful, prosperous life, but a smooth ride is guaranteed for no one. All the Maths and English homework cannot prepare us for natural disasters or pandemics. But there is a kind of homework that can prepare us for anything: spending time with our Creator and allowing Him to prepare us for the journey ahead.

He knows what’s coming and He knows us intimately. Building our reputation and friendship with Him is really the only thing that truly matters. Everything else flows out of that. When we know His voice and follow His directions, He will lead us perfectly. When we find anxious thoughts flooding in and taking our hearts over, we can run to Him and he promises to console us. To help us unravel the twisted, tangled up thoughts that are trying to make us shrink back from our calling.

When one of David’s biggest exams came, he was able to say:

“Whenever my busy thoughts were out of control,
the soothing comfort of your presence
calmed me down and overwhelmed me with delight.”
Psalm 94:19 TPT

This morning, we put away the Maths and English books. We got out our journals and our Bibles; we spent some time quieting our hearts to listen. Holy Spirit, what do you want to say to us today? Can you come and sit with us for a while, calm us down and comfort us with your presence? Will you help us to sort out all these anxious thoughts and tell us more about the plans you have for us? Plans to prosper us. Plans to give us hope and a future.

God spoke to my son. He told him that real power does not come from the physical realm, but from within the heart.

Your heart is powerful.

Don’t allow the enemy to tangle it up in anxious thoughts.

Make some time today to do some real homework. Quiet your heart and listen. The Creator of Heaven and Earth has incredible plans for you. His thoughts about you outnumber the grains of sand on the earth. Wouldn’t you like to know what they are?


Today I hear the Holy Spirit whisper: “Quiet One. How I love to sit with you and bring you peace. When I see you anxiously planning for an uncertain future, I just want to rush in and quiet you with my love. Let me help you. Ask me, and I will show you the way ahead. For there are remarkable plans for your life and I am here to prepare you for it. There is no risk of failure when I am with you. I am always with you. Now and forever.” ❤

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