Your prophetic voice

The most uncomfortable thing of living through a global pandemic is not knowing. Will there be more restrictions coming? When will things resume to normal? Will there be a “normal” again? Will there be any toilet rolls when I run out of my stack? Ha!

Routines are out of order. Work arrangements have changed. Dining room tables have transformed into school desks. Everybody is trying to figure out a new normal and a schedule to suit.

Living in a season of the unknown is anything but comfortable. I found myself browsing through YouTube the other day, looking for prophetic words about this corona virus. Maybe someone knows how this thing is going to play out and I can do some planning. Maybe I could put some stuff on hold until I know the date and time when life will be able to resume as normal.

In that moment, stood in my bedroom, staring at the phone, I had a little nudge in my spirit. I heard the Holy Spirit with His gentle way of correction saying, “you don’t need a prediction when you have a proclamation.” I knew I had to pay attention to this, so I wrote it down in my journal.

There will be moments when we are totally blindsided by events that happen in life. I don’t believe that we are meant to be blindsided, I think that God will warn us and prepare us if we take the time to listen to his heart. But I have been so busy getting on with life that I haven’t really listened. Or when I have taken the time to listen, I have had my own agenda.

Now that I am here and feeling a little knocked by the path this year is forging without my foreknowledge or consent, I also know that I need to take extra care in how I respond to this event in time. I can either be affected by it, or I can be effective in it. I can allow it to influence my heart, or I can position my heart to influence the world around me.

With all my plans for 2020 being shaken into a disorderly mess, I have not really stopped to listen to what the Spirit was trying to tell me that morning. Today, as I was cooking lunch, I was reminded about that phrase and I felt prompted to look up the definition of proclamation.

According to the Collins online dictionary, a proclamation is “a public or official announcement dealing with a matter of great importance.” One of the synonyms for proclamation is the word, decree. This is defined as, “an official order that has the force of law.”

Our prime minister has just demonstrated this force of law by introducing legal implications for not following restrictions, since too many people were not adhering to them. There will be consequences if you don’t comply with his decree.

It is no different when God speaks. His Word has legal implications when we decree it. We are his mouthpiece. When we release decrees of the Kingdom into the earth, situations and circumstances have to comply by force of law. The law of Faith. The law of Life in Christ Jesus.

If we want to operate in this law of Faith, it will require us to understand both our position and our authority of children of God.

In the past I have always thought of the gift of prophecy as some for of prediction of the future, but I was wrong. A prophetic word is a message from the heart of God for His people. These words He sends are to warn and prepare us or to build us up and encourage us. It can also confirm the direction we are receiving for our lives.

We have all been given this gift; to hear the voice of God and to announce it. You may not be in the office of a prophet, but each child of God has a prophetic voice. All of us are messengers of the heart of God and He will speak through us, if we make ourselves available to listen. When we quiet ourselves in his presence and meditate on His Word, He will give us a proclamation; a decree – an official order that has the force of law.

Have you asked God for a decree for this year? For this month? For today?

As we’re going through this shadowy season of the unknown, will we run after predictions or rise up and make the proclamations we hear from heaven? I am really challenged by this.

As a royal member of God’s family, I have a responsibility to make my decree in line with the intentions of God’s heart. How can I proclaim words of fear, worry and anxiety when I am called to speak life, hope, faith and love?

Today, I am reminding myself that I don’t need a prediction of the future, when I have a proclamation from the King of kings. I refuse to allow the world around me to impact my heart; instead, my decree will impact the world around me. I am determined to hear what God is saying to me, in this season of uncertainty and with utmost certainty I will decree what He alone says.

I will use my prophetic voice.

Will you use yours?

“You will also declare a thing,
And it will be established for you;
So light will shine on your ways.”
Job 22:28 NKJV


Today, I hear the Father say: “My Wise One. The question hasn’t changed since the beginning of creation: Life or Death? Which will you choose to decree upon the Earth at this moment in time? Which will you choose for your life? For your family? Choose Life. For I love the Earth and all who are dwelling in it. I love you! Release my Life through your royal decrees. I have given you the authority to do so. Speak Life.” ❤

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