Steady 2020!

A few nights before the dawn of this new year, God gave me a Word about the importance of aligning my mind, heart and mouth with his promises. I knew it would be a life transforming year and I imagined a wonderful year of great breakthrough.

We’re only three months into 2020 and this is not quite what I imagined. Ha! With all the chaos ushered into our world by the corona virus, it is easy to feel a sense of despair and confusion. Public gatherings are cancelled. Church, restaurants, cinemas, even schools are cancelled. Is God’s Word and his plan for this year, also cancelled?

Our family settled in for a live streamed church service this morning. All of us, comfy on the couch, in our pajamas. Even Izzy, the bull-mastiff joined in. How different this Sunday is, compared to the last one. As we (eventually) got ready for the day, my son walked into the dining room and sat down behind my laptop. My Bible was lying opened on the table; I had been writing well into the early morning hours.

He looked at the Bible, opened up in 2 Chronicles 20. “Mum,” he said, “look at this.” He pointed to the reference column in the middle of the page, listing all the scriptures linked to the verses in this chapter. “2011, 2012, 2013,” he counted. “It looks like a list of years.”

Out of sheer curiosity I said: “Wow Aidan, yes! Let’s see what 2020 says.”

Early the next morning the army of Judah went out into the wilderness of Tekoa. On the way Jehoshaphat stopped and said, “Listen to me, all you people of Judah and Jerusalem! Believe in the Lord your God, and you will be able to stand firm. Believe in his prophets, and you will succeed.”
2 Chronicles 20:20 NLT

This was a significant moment. It was a choice point. God had promised to fight the battle for Judah. A vast army was coming to destroy them, and they were grossly outnumbered. God gave them a battle plan. They would have to go and face their enemy. But they wouldn’t have to fight. God would fight on their behalf.

Can you imagine, being one of the soldiers in the army of Judah? On your way to face a battle where you had literally no chance of survival if God didn’t come through on his promise? I wonder if the soldiers were starting to feel a little weak in the knees.

Maybe they were starting to whisper to each other, “what if we get there, and they destroy us all?” Maybe some were worried about the wives and children left defenseless after their imminent doom. “Will God take care of them, when we’re not there to protect them anymore?”

Perhaps Jehoshaphat became aware that people were feeling anxious and fearful. This was a problem. Because when God makes a promise to you, you have to believe. You have to position yourself in confident expectation.

Jehoshaphat understood that a promise from God, requires us to partner our faith with it. He stopped his people in their tracks. He called time out! This was a checkpoint: Are we moving forward in faith or are we about to confront the enemy in fear?

I always remembered this story for the fact that they send their musicians ahead; imagine sending your worship team on the front line. I thought that God had instructed them to do so, but he never did. It was their decision to do so, in the midst of this unbelievably intimidating situation. They chose to worship God and give him glory for their victory, before he answered their prayer.

What is our response when we’re feeling uncertain or intimidated by overwhelming circumstances. Do we start to doubt what God had said? He promised to prosper me, but I have lost my job. He said that he would deliver me from this trouble, but things just seem to be getting worse. Or do we say, I con’t care what is going on around me, I will worship my God who always makes good on his promises.

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.
Hebrews 10:23 NKJV

When God speaks through his Word or his prophets, we need to pay attention. We need to align our Faith Machine (mind – what we think, heart – what we believe and mouth – what we say) with what he is promising. We need to partner our faith and demonstrate it. Believing in God’s Word spoken over your life, will give you the ability to stand, when everything around you is shaking.

Dear friend, please believe that despite what is happening in the world today, God’s plan for your life is not cancelled. Everything is still on schedule and he is working it all together for your good. He loves you and has plans to prosper you. A great future awaits. There is more than you can ever dream, hope for or image.

Only believe!


Today, I hear the Father say: “Precious Child! My plans for you have not changed. My dreams for your life is expanding and the potential I see in you, is unlimited. I am excited about your future. Simply trust my Word. Let it flood your mind and heart. Declare it daily. Partner your faith with my promise and see the impossible unfold in front of your eyes. I love you. I will never fail you. Never.” ❤

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  1. Uitstekende boodskap! Presies die woorde wat ons moet hoor in die ontstuimige tyd. Dankie! Liefde en groete aan jou kroos 😉 Xx

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