What is a HeartPrint?

My daughter was coughing in her classroom yesterday, and now our family is in isolation. I am not complaining; we are happy to comply and put hearts and minds at ease. I am thankful that she is happy and healthy. We are all trying to adjust to what is happening in the world right now.

The biggest adjustment for me so far, is getting on with a normal routine when the kids are at home. My husband is working from the lounge, seeing patients on video calls, so the kids can’t get too wild. I am now tasked with helping them stay on track with their school work; on top of the continuous flow of day to day housework. Add to this, my commitment to write my daily blog and finish my book. It all seems a bit much to juggle.

So do I take a break from writing? I was considering this as I wrestled with prioritising my mental to-do list. I hear God speak now, more than ever and there is so much pouring from my heart. But I want to write with the right motive and from a position of perfect peace. From the presence of the Father who speaks Words of Love, Peace and Joy.

This made me think about the purpose of this daily devotional blog. What is the significance of a HeartPrint? Or rather, what exactly is a HeartPrint?

My story

Growing up as a pastor’s kid, I spent most of my days doing some kind of church activity. I gave my heart to God when I was only six years old. Spending so much time in church gives you a lot of knowledge about God, but I didn’t really know God.

I tried many years to please him. Trying to be good enough. Always failing, always repenting. Tangled up in condemnation, anxiety and depression. You would think that spending so much time in church would make you a powerhouse of Faith. But I was the antitheses of all that. I had very little Faith. I believed that God was able to do all things, but I couldn’t believe that he wanted to do it for me. I wasn’t worthy of his goodness and mercy.

After many years of trying to fix myself, only to get more tangled up in the mess I made, I was about to throw in the proverbial towel. But God had a different plan. The Father had an appointment with me, at the cinema, on a rainy day early in 2010. Whilst watching a Disney movie with my (then) 3-year-old son, I saw something that changed my heart radically. And it was this:

I am loved.

I saw a Father that was weeping for his lost princess. Moved with compassion for the struggle I was in. The longing of his heart was to hold me close and to love me. He was desperate for me to come home to his embrace.

Something happened to my heart. It started beating. It changed everything.

A point of encounter

Before my encounter with the Father’s heart, I couldn’t believe for my mail to be delivered. Now I am able to trust God with my life. I believe that he is not only able to heal, deliver, protect and provide for me. But I believe that he wants to. Because he loves me. Because I am his daughter. His marvelous masterpiece.

Being able to feel the embrace of my Father, hearing him tell me that he loves me and who he has created me to be, has activated my trust in him. This is more important that knowing chapter and verse of the Bible. Knowing the Word is important, but hearing the Word is heart-transforming. It empowers us to become all that we were created to be.

Faith activated by Love

“For [if we are] in Christ Jesus, neither circumcision nor uncircumcision
counts for anything, but only faith activated and energized and expressed and working through love.”
Galatians 5:6 AMP

We live in a time and in a world where every Faith-fueled voice is needed! All of God’s precious children need to know that they are loved and that they are designed to fulfill a very specific, carefully planned purpose upon the Earth. Our Faith is activated when we hear the voice of the Father. His Words over us will empower us to step into his plan for our lives. And it is a good, perfect and pleasing plan (Romans 12:2).

This is why I write a HeartPrint after each blog. You see, my experiences and thoughts about life might be inspiring (hopefully); but what the Father says about you is empowering. And that is the reason why I sit down each day, to hear from Heaven and release the Father’s Words over every reader’s heart. And I will continue to do so. Regardless of the craziness going on in the world.

I pray that you will find a place and time to quiet your heart before the Father. Quiet wnough to hear him whisper over your heart. May it activate your Faith. May you believe…

You are loved!

The world needs you! It needs you to realise who you are and the power you carry.

Now more than ever.

Define HeartPrint:

A HeartPrint is the imprint of the Father’s Love on our hearts. It is the identity he bestows upon us in his marvelous Grace. It is who we truly are. As we sit in his presence and hear the Words he speaks over us, he leaves his HeartPrint on our hearts. Then, we can leave a HeartPrint for someone else who needs it.


Today, I hear the Father whisper: “Precious Child! How I long to show you all the dimensions of my infinite love for you. I have surrendered my heart on a rugged cross for you. Surrender your broken heart to me, and let me breathe my Love into it. See me resurrect you into the original design I created for you. You take after me! The chains you feel now, will fall to the ground as you open your heart and let me Love you. For, my beautiful child, I do.” ❤

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