The Thief

“The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy…”
John 10:10 AMP

It is not my wish to give attention or any kind of air time to the enemy, but living in ignorance of his wicked schemes, has kept me locked in my tower for far too long. This is why I feel that I need to put the spotlight on him, for just a moment. To expose him, and to share with you the strategies that he used to keep me bound.

In the 19th century, the French poet Charles Baudelaire made a statement that is quite sobering. He said: “…the finest trick of the devil is to persuade you that he does not exist…” Baudelaire was no theologian, that is for sure! But the truth he uncovered here, is a key that will unlock the door of every stronghold.

1 Peter 5:8-9 (AMP) is wisdom we should heed to:
“Be sober [well balanced and self-disciplined], be alert and cautious at all times. That enemy of yours, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion [fiercely hungry], seeking someone to devour. But resist him, be firm in your faith [against his attack—rooted, established, immovable], knowing that the same experiences of suffering are being experienced by your brothers and sisters throughout the world. [You do not suffer alone.]”

Seeing Gothel manipulate Rapunzel to stay in her tower, was a revelatory experience as I sat in that cinema. Recognizing that Rapunzel wasn’t attached to the tower by physical chains, but by spoken words. Lies. Yet, her enemy was so familiar. Like a mother. Every time she dared to dream about leaving her stronghold, the enemy would convince her: “Mother knows best!”

But Mother was a Thief! She stole Rapunzel’s identity, because she needed her gift. It empowered her. Without it, she was nothing but a puff of old dust. As long as Rapunzel was trapped in the tower, Gothel could use her power for her own selfish purposes.

A familiar voice

Believing the lies of the enemy, over a long period of time, can become a familiar voice in our minds. So familiar, in fact, that we do not recognise it as “the thief.”

The enemy doesn’t approach us in a red bodysuit and a pitchfork in one hand. He doesn’t speak with a distinguishable accent. He speaks in the first person. He sounds just like us. He has been that familiar voice in your head for so long, that it sounds just like your “normal” thought pattern. But what if your thoughts are not your own? What if the tower you are stuck in, has been constructed with the lies he has told you over the years?

Be sober, alert and cautious at all times

In order to pull down that stronghold, I have had to learn to identify his tone of voice. Separating it from my own thoughts, were difficult at times. First, I needed to learn some new truths about myself. And I needed to learn what the voice of the Father sounded like. That gave me a standard to measure every thought against. At the beginning, it was difficult. He still pulled the wool over my eyes at times. But as I started to follow light of the Word, as I opened my heart to the truth, it started to become easier.

There have been times when I have been tired or busy, when he sneaks in because I’m vulnerable. That’s why 1 Peter 5:8 is such an important admonishment. We have to be alert and cautious at all times. Especially when we are going through a challenging season.

Like a roaring lion

Reading this scripture may conjure up a scary image of this enemy, but he has no real power. He may prowl around like a roaring lion, but the only power he has comes from our agreement with him.

Gothel appeared strong and scary when she was empowered by the power of Rapunzel’s hair, but once Eugene cut that power off, she was nothing more than a puff of dust. Jesus has cut off the power that the enemy had over us. We no longer have to fear him. But we do have to be wise and not share our power with him. That is the creative power we carry as image bearers of the Creator himself; the power that is generated in our hearts and released out of our mouths. Stop agreeing with his lies and you will disempower him.

Be firm in your faith

The only way to resist him is to be rooted, established and unmovable in what you believe. That is why you need to know the Truth. We don’t become rooted by default. We are not born established, we have to put some effort into it. We have to grow.

I became a Christian when I was only six years old. I went to church religiously. I had to. I was the pastor’s kid. Decades of going to church did not mature me or establish me in my faith. I was a mess! Unmovable? Are you kidding me? It took the slightest little problem to unravel my faith. Even a flat tyre would make me question if God really cared about me.

The enemy was having a field day. I was an easy target. Destroyed for lack of knowledge. Just like Rapunzel, sitting in a tower that she was never created for, because she didn’t know Who she belonged to.

But today, I have wised up to the strategies of the thief. I have learned to discern between thoughts of peace and thoughts of evil. I am onto him a lot quicker than I used to be, and I’m getting better at it still. I’m not going back to my tower. No, thank you!

I have life.

Life more abundantly.

May I encourage you today, to take a moment and think about what you believe about yourself. What do you believe about the Father’s heart towards you? Do you know how wonderful and beautiful you are? Do you know how very deeply you are loved and treasured? Do you know the Father’s smile as he looks at you? He is totally pleased with you.

Do you know what you carry on the inside? Treasures worth more than money could ever buy. Power that can change the world around you. Love that can transform every circumstance you are faced with. Stop empowering the enemy. Identify his lies, only so you can pull them down! Take each thought captive. Make it obey the Truth!

The truth is you are not stuck in the tower.

The truth is you are free to be who the Father intended you to be.

The truth is you are stronger than any plan the thief can set against you.

For you are loved by the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

You are his Beloved.


Today, I hear the Father calling: “Beloved Child! You are beautiful beyond words and so precious in my sight. Do you know how wonderfully you were crafted in the secret place? And I am still working in you, perfecting the masterpiece I have created. I have put my Word and my Spirit in you. You have the power to create and to impact the world around you. Be wise and use it to release Faith, Hope and Love. Release Truth. Be rooted, established and immovable in my love for you. For nothing can separate you from my Love. Nothing.” ❤

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