Pick your battle

Do you have someone in your life that just seems to rub you the wrong way? I am not one for confrontation. I have managed to avoid it for most of my adult life. More than happy to overlook an offence, if it will keep the peace.

Things that make others explode, would make me implode. I would have a little meltdown in my head, eat some cake, and get on with my life. I’m not recommending this strategy by the way, it’s not good for the heart or the waistline. But when you’re not wired for battle, you need to pick them carefully.

A number of years ago, I worked on a project with one particular colleague that just really tested my ability to stay level-headed. Every time we had to put our heads together to work on our common objectives, it ended with me banging my head on that proverbial wall. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t measure up to her.

She was loud. She didn’t listen. She talked over me. She always knew better, had more experience, wrote the book, got the T-shirt and was happy to give you her autograph as she told you how awesome she was. It got under my skin. Guess you could say we were polar opposites.

You see, I was very quiet, reserved; acknowledging that everyone around me was better than me. I would never promote myself the way she did. Which is why I was often overlooked. And I felt so small next to her. I was terribly uncomfortable with how arrogant she was. All the while having a huge beam in my eye. Completely unaware of the false humility I was suffering from.

After a spectacular implosion, followed by the requisite consumption of chocolate cake, I couldn’t stand the frustration anymore. I knew it was unacceptable to harbour such offence towards a person, so with my “huge humility” I approached the throne of God, to ask for his help with this unruly girl.

To my surprise, the Father wasn’t really too bothered about her behaviour. However, he had rather a lot to say about the condition of my heart. This is what I received as I sat down with my journal:

“At the root of it, you are feeling small, insignificant, voice-less, powerless – but that is not who I created you to be.

You are not small.

You have my Spirit with you. Limitless. Expansive. Ever growing, taking you from glory to glory.

You are not insignificant.

You are from a royal priesthood, a holy nation. You are my own special person, created for a purpose that nobody else can fulfil. You need to fill YOUR space. Do not shrink back, you are not of those who shrink back. Go boldly after your calling. I will lead you there and I will fulfil it.

You have a voice.

Use it! Your voice does not even have to be heard by people, to be effective. Use it to release the promise. Use your Sword. The Word will do what it is sent to do, so hold on tight to it. Release my Word into your workplace, into the city, into the world, into the atmosphere. See ME shift and work and change and do what needs to be done.

You are not powerless.

The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, RESSURECTION POWER is on the inside of you. You are FULL of Love, Faith, Power. Let Hope be your song. Hope like never before. Keep your hopes up, because it is ME who are working in you to conform to my will and do everything that I have purposed for you.

So chill out Little One! Stop fretting. You are more valuable than many sparrows. Enough with the unbelief. It is time to BELIEVE who you are.

Grace through Faith.
Grace through Faith.
Grace through Faith.

You are holy, righteous, redeemed. You are strong, you are full of my Word and you are ready, set, go! And most of all my Love, you are loved.”

This was not the direction I thought the Lord would lead me in, with this relationship dilemma. But there was a different battle happening behind the scenes. A battle that I wasn’t engaged with, and it was affecting my heart.

Whoever has control of your heart, has control over all of you.

2 Corinthians 10:3-5 (NKJV) says that:
“For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.”

I picked the wrong battle. My struggle was not with flesh and blood. There was an enemy that was after my heart. An enemy who wants me to come into agreement with his words: small, insignificant, voice-less, powerless. When I align my heart with him, I act and speak accordingly. I start to create a world that is limited by what I feel and see. And I will never walk in my God-ordained destiny.

It was time to re-align. Whenever I felt myself engage with the wrong battle, I would go back to my journal and re-read the Words the Father decreed over me. I would say them out loud. I refused to align myself with the words of the enemy. The fly on the wall may have thought me arrogant to say things like: “I am significant. I am powerful. I have a voice that shifts atmospheres. I am from a royal priesthood. I am chosen.” But it didn’t make them less true.

False humility is no less a threat to your destiny, than pride or arrogance. They both are focussed on your own interpretation of who you are. Focussing on what the Father says about you, will keep you on the path of freedom, victory and true success. You will walk out his plan for your life, as you align your heart with his Words.

Today, I pray that we will have the acuteness to discern the battle we are engaging in, and the wisdom to pick the right one. May we have the boldness to align our hearts with the One who says that we are strong, overcoming, brave, wise, beautiful, righteous, fearfully and wonderfully made… you can add your own list here!

But remember, most importantly, you are loved.


Today, I hear the Father saying: “My Brave One, how much love I have for you! The plans I have for you, are plans to prosper you. No man or principality can stand in the way of what I have prepared for you. Align your heart with my Word, and see your beautiful destiny unfold. For the world so desperately needs what you carry: My Spirit. My Truth. My Love.” ❤

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