“The Spirit Himself testifies and confirms together with our spirit [assuring us] that we [believers] are children of God.”
Romans 8:16 AMP

When my son was born, everyone commented about how much he looked like his father. This was not endearing or comforting to me at all. Not because I didn’t want him to look like his father. He has a very handsome dad, as a matter of fact. But, I so desperately wanted him to look just a little bit like me too.

And I had to admit, as I studied his face when I held him, or changed him, or nursed him, I definitely saw my features in his gorgeous little face and I would fight you in court to defend my position. He looked like his mum!

When my daughter arrived, we didn’t quite know who she looked like. She was definitely a very uniquely crafted specimen. Although, most people seemed to lean towards her father’s side of the family. However, as she grew up, I could see not only my mother’s features, but also her temperament developing in that tiny little frame.

My daughter is ten years old now and not so dinky anymore. I have a picture of my mum at around the same age. Many people have thought it is a picture of Zoë. They are the spitting image of each other.

As Aidan and Zoe grows up, the similarities in our features and personalities are even more evident and will certainly testify that these kids belong to me and my husband.

Did you know you are a spitting image of the Father?

It is so easy to identify with our earthly roots. We can see ourselves in our parents and children. But have we taken a look at the One who created us in his image? I was confronted by this challenge as I watched one of the final scenes in the movie, Tangled.

My heart was stirred as I watched the king and queen be informed that their daughter, Rapunzel, had been found. I wonder if they had to endure the disappointment when a new lead turned into a dead end. Or if there were many conspirators trying to make a buck, pretending to have found the lost princess. Maybe their dream of finding their daughter had started to wane after eighteen years of their hope being deferred.

The hesitancy in king Frederic is palpable as he seems to linger at the door, for fear of another heart breaking report. But the queen rushes to look at her daughter. She takes Rapunzel’s face in her hands and studies her features. She turns to her husband and testifies with a simple look. This is our daughter!

That cinematic moment wrecked my heart as I realised what a powerful representation it was of the Spirit testifying to my identity in Christ. I look like my Father. I share his features, his likeness, his temperament, his personality. I am like him.

There are moments when the enemy’s voice in my mind seems louder than the truth in my heart. That is when I need to run towards the Spirit. That is when I need him to hold my face in his hands and study it closely. That is when I need him to testify: You are your Father’s daughter!

You are not the sum total of your mistakes.

You are not the person that the enemy has told you, you are.

You are not guilty, shameful or condemned.

You are the spitting image of the Creator of Heaven and Earth. You are one with him. You have his DNA. You no longer have a hard, stony heart. You have his tender heart of flesh. A fearless heart, filled with love, power and self-control. You are pure and holy. Just like him. The Spirit himself will testify to it:

You are related.


Today, I hear the Father say: “Precious Child, how I love to study your features. How I love to watch you as you learn, grow and mature. I can see my heart beating in you. Open the eyes of your heart and you will see my features reflected in yours. Look for them on purpose, just like I do, when I look at you. We are so much alike. There is no question about it. We are related. You are mine.” ❤

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