“Every part of you is so beautiful, my darling. Perfect is your beauty, without flaw within.”
Song of Songs 4:7 TPT

At the innocent age of three, I successfully attempted shoplifting. I have no memory of this, apart from what I am told by a family friend who was with me that morning, when I selected a little beauty set from the toy section, and casually strolled out of the corner shop. Apparently, this friend (old enough to drive at the time, I might add) did not have the heart to stop me, or the guts to inform the shopkeeper. So she just turned a blind eye.

Driving back home, I opened my little beauty package. With pink plastic curlers and some pretend lipstick, I started making myself pretty. Our friend tells me that I said that I was making myself beautiful for my Daddy. How sweet, albeit illegal. If only I could remember it! Ha!

I feel like I have spent most of life trying to look beautiful and never really feeling like I meet the standard. And I’m not exactly sure where those standards came from? Or even what they really are. Since my shoplifting stint, I have traded my pink plastic curlers for electric ones, and my pretend lipstick for the kind that stays on all day. (Who has the time to keep applying make-up these days?) Some days, I wish I can have that childlike faith again. Believing it, when my Daddy tells me I am the most beautiful girl he has ever seen.

Remember that scene in the movie, Shrek, where Fiona is transformed by True Love’s kiss? (Here it is, if you need a reminder). I remember seeing the confusion in her face when she was transformed by True Love’s kiss, expecting to be a princess but taking the form of an ogre. That moment that she had been dreaming about, didn’t match her expectations.

I felt the sadness in her struggle with what she thought her freedom would look like, and her pain as she said: “I thought I would be beautiful.” I felt the relief in her heart as her beloved Shrek looked at her, without any sign of rejection. But with pure acceptance, saying: “But Fiona, you already are beautiful.”

Now, I’m not comparing myself or God to an ogre. Ha! But my heart was stirred when I thought about all the time I have wasted trying to conform to the world’s standards of beauty. Always feeling like I can’t measure up to it. When the truth is, I was never meant to look like them.

My true form is found in True Love’s kiss. Experiencing the limitless, unconditional love of my True Love, sets me free to be who I was always meant to be. My true image is his image.

I wish I could say that I have total victory and freedom in this area, but I’m still unlearning years of wrong thinking. My mind knows that God sees me without any blemish or fault, but my heart is not always convinced. This is why I need the transformational power of his True Love’s kiss.

Today, I choose to let him kiss me. With his words of truth. With his words of kindness. With his words of love. Today, I will take the time to hear what he tenderly whispers over me, and allow myself to believe him.

My Daddy says I am the most beautiful girl in all the world.


Today, I hear the Father whisper: “Beautiful Child, fearfully and wonderfully made. Designed with purpose. Placed carefully into a time and place, where you will have the most impact in my kingdom. Lift up your beautiful eyes to see who you are. To see who you are, look at me! Set your gaze upon the throne – where the King of Beauty is waiting. He waiting to kiss you with Truth. Let Love transform you into my image. From glory to glory. For you, Beloved are already walking in True Love’s form. You don’t have to strive to be beautiful. You already are.” ❤