“But we do not belong to those who shrink back and are destroyed, but to those who have faith and are saved.”
Hebrews 10:39 NLT

Recently, I have been captivated by the book of Esther. Maybe it is the current surge of prophetic voices announcing that we are on the doorstep of a “such a time as this” moment, inspiring me to take a deeper look into her story. As I followed her journey, the Holy Spirit has uncovered some revelations that has really challenged and encouraged my heart.

Such a time as this.

Overnight, Esther was elevated from an ordinary existence to a life in the palace. Chosen, as one of the most beautiful women in the kingdom, to be spoiled with beauty treatments in preparation for meeting the king. Even if she didn’t make the list of callbacks, she was set for a life of luxury. This position she found herself in would already equate to a “such a time as this” moment, wouldn’t it? And then, out of all those pretty women, she was selected as the new queen. Well, Sister, I’d say you’ve made it. Big time! But this was not her moment in history.

Esther’s significant moment was birthed in the choice she made to stand up to a bully. One that wanted to oppress and annihilate her people. He may not have recognised who she was, to his own detriment. But it also wasn’t like Esther could just shout: “off with his head!” Her very life was threatened by approaching the king without being called upon. Her choice to stand up and speak when the enemy had her by the throat, that was her significant moment.

Sometimes, I confuse the real significant moments, for ones that may only appear to be. Perhaps I have believed that my “such a time as this” moment is when I publish my first book. Or maybe, when I am given a platform to speak or launch a ministry. These are wonderful things, there’s nothing wrong with them. But they are not the real significant moments. The moments that define us, are the moments when we choose to stand up against the work of the enemy. When we use our God-given authority and speak truth over his threats. Those are moments that we were born for.

Entering his presence.

As Esther entered the throne room, I can only imagine how her heart must have been beating. She had prepared for days, calling all of her people to fast with her. The enormity of her calling was even heavier than the royal robes she put on that morning. She knew that there was only one way out of oppression and the looming destruction of her people, and that was to approach the king. She had to be brave, even if it cost her, her life.

I sometimes wonder if I fully understand the privilege I have as a child of God? The privilege of access into the throne room, to bring my requests before the King? Jesus paid with his own life for me to have that privilege. He is my royal robe of righteousness. When we value this privilege, we will choose to separate ourselves from the things of the world. We will take the time we need to cultivate our hearts as we enter into his presence. We don’t do this to please God or gain his approval, we already have that! But we do this, to honour him. We make room for more of him. Who wouldn’t more of him?

Finding favour.

When the king saw Esther, it says that “she found favour in his sight.” (Esther 5:2). He extended the golden sceptre towards her as a sign that she is safe to approach him. What a sigh of relief Esther must have felt, knowing that she was going to live to see another day!

Knowing how much we are loved by the King, gives us the confidence to approach him. When he looks at us, we find favour in his sight. Favour that will empower us to step into the moments we were created for. Favour that will empower us to silence the voice of the enemy. Favour that will make us brave in the face of his relentless threats! Giving us the courage to take our stand against him and speak out what is true.

God extends his rule (his sceptre) to us. We are not only invited into his presence, but we have been created to rule and reign with him. We are not just called to sit on the side lines and watch him do his Kingly-things. We are not called look pretty, but to be powerful. Full of his power, his authority, his love and truth!

Preparing a table.

Esther had an opportunity to ask the king there and then, to stop Haman’s plot against her people. But she didn’t. What did she do? She cooked him dinner! And not only that, she invited the enemy! I have been so intrigued with Esther’s strategy. The king said that she could ask him anything. He said he would give her half of his kingdom! “Come to dinner,” she said. “I’ll give you my request then.” And did she give him her request? No! She offered another invitation. Dinner again. Same time. Same place.

I’m not sure if I had that opportunity for an audience with the king, that I would be able to keep my mouth shut about the problem. I would jump straight in there and get it sorted! But Esther prepared a table for her king. Psalm 23 says that our King has prepared a table for us, in the presence of our enemy. This is such an awesome thought. Such an awesome picture. What if we can return the favour? Instead of running in a panic, we approach the King with a table prepared with every promise he has made us. A table prepared with what he has made available to us through his Son. His body broken for us. His life poured out for us.

And then you invite the enemy! The one who has been oppressing you. The one who has been trying to take you out. The one who didn’t realise who you are. That you are the Beloved. And now it’s too late, because he is sitting at the table. A table that you covered with Truth.

What are the truths that have been spoken over your life, over you? Spread them all out on the table. Speak them. Declare them. You are brave!

Transferred authority.

What Haman planned for evil, backfired in a spectacular fashion, as the king transferred all his authority to Mordecai. The king’s word is final and cannot be changed, so the decree to destroy Esther’s people could not be retracted. But the people were empowered to stand up for themselves. They could fight back and had permission to slay all their enemies.

We live in a world where it may feel at times, like oppression and destruction is all around us. It’s easy to shrink back and forget that we belong to a Kingdom that cannot be shaken. But we are not of those who shrink back. The authority has been transferred to us. To make decrees against the strategies of the enemy. To stand up. To speak up. To be brave!

Whatever you are up against today, remember who you are:

You are an Esther. Beautiful, chosen and brave to stand up when the enemy raises his head. You were created for such a time as this. Recognise the significant moments. The moments when condemnation tries to push you back into your prison. When disease stares you down, vowing to take you out. When those you love are being oppressed and threatened. Rise up!

You have access into the very throne room of the King. A King who looks at you with fiery love and passionate favour. A king who wants to give you everything your heart desires. Approach him with reverence for who he is. Prepare a table for him. A table spread with every promise he has ever decreed over you. Then invite your enemy, and see him run! You have the authority.

Go on! Be brave!


Today, I hear the King decree: “Beautiful One. When I see you enter my throne room, my heart spills over with love for you. I want you to have every desire of your heart. I have already provided everything you need to live in freedom and victory. I have empowered you, by raising you up with me. You are seated with me, in heavenly places. There is no need to listen to the voice of the oppressor any longer. So rise up, Brave One, in the authority I have given you to silence the voice of the enemy. You are my Beloved. And I am yours. Always.” ❤

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