“My passion and delight is in your word, for I love what you say to me!”
Psalms 119:47 TPT

I have just returned home from a spiritual health retreat that I had been treated to by some wonderful people. It has been such a blessing to come and rest, and experience the love of God with some amazing women and friends.

The teaching has not only been inspirational, but also very practical. And I love practical! Applying practical teaching has transformed my life, and it still does.

In one of the teaching sessions we were each given a beautiful and delicious cupcake. We were asked to meditate on it and to hear what God wanted to say to us. Now, I had to be honest, for a minute I wasn’t sure if God would have all that much to say. A burning bush, yes. A cupcake? Hmm…

As we held onto our cupcakes, it took a lot of self control to not shove that pretty little thing into my mouth. But I persevered. We were encouraged to use our senses; look, touch, feel and taste (whoop! Couldn’t wait for the tasting).

So today’s HeartPrint will look a little bit different than usual. I want to share with you, what the Father said to me through this glorious cupcake, because this is also true of you!



Today, I hear the Father whisper:

“You are my Cupcake”


(Frosting) “I have made you whiter than snow. Your heart is pure.”

(Glitter) “I have annointed you to shine with my glory.”

(Golden cupcake case) “I have robed you in righteousness.”

(The cake) “I have put the substance of my Word in you. Sharing the Truth I have planted in you will not only feed people you connect with, but it will be an enjoyable experience for them. Nutrition for the soul.”


“Your softness brings comfort to those who surround you.”

(As I broke open the cupcake, I saw little white chocolate chips on the inside of the cake, the Father whispered…)

“There are hidden treasures inside your heart.”


“The fragrance of my presence that you carry, will ignite a hunger in my people for more of my heart.”


“I have created you, because I delight in you. Your intense sweetness give me immense pleasure. I enjoy you.”

I tasted and saw the goodness of God. He delights in me, indeed! The same is true for you. He delights in you.

Declare that over yourself today.

This has encouraged me to use not only my ears in hearing from God. From now on I will engage all my senses! It was so much fun. I dare you to give it a go!

You are his Cupcake!

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