“Let me be clear, the Anointed One has set us free—not partially, but completely and wonderfully free! We must always cherish this truth and stubbornly refuse to go back into the bondage of our past.
Galatians 5:1 TPT

As Gothel picked the flowers out of her hair, I could almost feel Rapunzel’s despair. She had left the tower and fulfilled her dream. She had finally discovered the origin of those lanterns. And the reason why they were always fillling up the sky on the same day of the year. She had enjoyed an incredible journey of adventure, celebration and freedom. But now it was over.

She is back in her tower, with Gothel all but saying: “I told you so!” This is what happens when you start thinking you are good enough. This is what happens if you dare to step out of the tower. Your heart gets broken. It’s safer here, where you don’t allow your heart to dream.

Gothel left Rapunzel in her shame and isolation. Falling back on her bed, with tears welling up in her eyes, she stared at the ceiling above her. Wait! Those suns that she had painted on the walls and ceilings of her bedroom, is the very same sun that was printed on the royal flag of the Kingdom. The one she clasped tightly in her hand.

Why was this pattern everywhere she looked? Suddenly the story of the lost princess came into focus. All the missing pieces fell into place. The crown that was stolen by Eugene. A kingdom sending lanterns into the sky, on her birthday. Her magical gift of healing. All of it pointing to the truth: she is the lost princess.

Suddenly, a fire rose up on the inside of her. She was never intended for a life of captivity. She wasn’t created to stay in this tower. There was no reason to stay and serve the purposes of the enemy, any longer. She had been bound by lies and fear. But now she knew the truth, and it was time to step out of the stronghold.

Freedom was just a few steps away, but first she would need to confront her captor. The truth empowered Rapunzel to take a stand and stubbornly refuse to go back to the bondage of her past.

As Gothel tried her best tactics of deception, Rapuzel grabs her by the wrist and cries, “No! I will no longer believe your lies!” That, was her first step into true freedom.

For many years I lived in stronghold built with lie upon lie from the enemy. I am not good enough. I am not smart enough. I am not thin enough. I am not beautiful enough. I am not brave enough. I am not strong enough. Brick by brick, the tower was fortified, until I found myself completely unable to step out into the freedom that Jesus secured for me. By his own, prescious blood.

But one day, I started seeing the patterns of truth that surrounded me. Like Rapunzel, I looked into the Mirror and for the very first time, I could see the real me: I am a daughter of the King.

There were no shackles that kept me bound. Only lies of shame and condemnation. Freedom was so close, but I would need to take that first step. I needed to confront the enemy.

Every thought he threw at me, had to be taken captive. It took some stubbornness on my part. It was years of habitual wrong thinking that had to be changed. The stronghold needed to come down. Brick by brick. Lie by lie.

Is it time to confront your enemy? Have you accepted his lies as your true identity? Have you noticed the light of the truth all around you? You are a child of the King. He celebrates you. He is aching for you. He longs for you to step out of the stronghold. He wants to embrace you and love you.

Today, I pray that this truth will come alive in the heart of everyone who reads this blog. I also pray for a fresh revelation of the love of the Father.

It is his love that transforms us, and restores us back into our rightful place. Beside him. Ruling. Reigning in the authority he has bestowed on us as children of the King.

It’s time to step out of the stronghold.

It’s time to discover the heart of the Father.

It’s time for the greatest adventures of them all.

(You can watch the clip from Tangled here).


Today, I see the Father lifting his lantern into the sky. He is saying: “Beloved Child, I am exactly where I have always been. Ready to receive you with eager anticipation. Longing to hold you in my arms. I will never stop celebrating you. You are everything I say that you are. Because I created you. I fashioned you in beauty and with a specific purpose in mind. And I will never change my mind about you. So rise up in the authority I have given you as a royal heir. Stand in the Truth that I speak over your heart. Follow the light of my Word. Let it lead you back to my heart. Because my darling, you are loved.” ❤

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