“Who, then, ascends into the presence of the Lord? And who has the privilege of entering into God’s Holy Place? Those who are clean—whose works and ways are pure, whose hearts are true and sealed by the truth, those who never deceive, whose words are sure.”
Psalms 24:3‭-‬4 TPT

Have you ever read that verse and thought, oh, wow, that’s me! Ha! Then I would love to meet you and might even buy you lunch to find out how you became the epitome of perfection. Can anyone really be good enough to qualify for a personal visit with the Creator of Heaven and Earth?

Most days I don’t feel qualified to tie my shoes! The state of the house and the current situation with a growing pile of paperwork on the corner of my desk, makes me wonder if I’m even qualified to be an adult. Who needs the added pressure of being perfect enough to enter into the presence of God?

My works and my ways are not always pure. Sometimes my heart isn’t in sync with the truth and don’t even mention my words! Today, in particular, I feel like if God walked through the door right now, spontaneous combustion would be the only outcome for me! But these are the days when I need to enter into the presence of God most.

Have you ever wondered what it had been like for Moses, as he encountered God in the burning bush? Or on the mountain of Sinai, knowing that he was to encounter Holiness itself? What qualified Moses to come into the presence of God? How his heart must have pounded as he ascended the mountain to quite literally meet his Maker!

Nobody else were allowed near the mountain, let alone up it! God’s chosen people had to consecrate themselves, and even then they couldn’t come in close proximity to the mountain where God had a history making appointment with his friend, Moses. Moses, was not only qualified lead God’s people, but he seemed to meet the standard to meet with him face to face, and be alive to tell the tale afterwards!

Think about this: Moses was qualified before the law was given! It was not his track record of good behaviour that gave him access. He was a seeker. His heart was set on seeking the Lord. Moses understood the value of the presence of God in everything he did, even more so when he was responsible for leading God’s chosen people from the wilderness into their promised land (Exodus 33:15).

Feeling unqualified makes me want to encounter a slice of pizza more than the Bible on my bedside table. It makes me want to hide and draw back into a corner and make myself as small as I possibly can. Choosing to enter into the presence of God feels uncomfortable. I don’t want him to see the mess. I’m terribly ashamed! But just because I feel bad about myself, doesn’t mean I am disqualified from encountering the heart of the Father.

The beauty of the sacrifice that Jesus became, for me, means that I am qualified to enter into the throne room of God, without fear of coming up short. Because I am in Christ, my hands are clean and my heart is pure. Because he made it so. In him we are signed, sealed and delivered by the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 1:13-14, The Message Bible).

As Jesus breathed his final breath on the cross, the curtain that separated ordinary, messy people from the presence of God was ripped in two. Now, it is not just the High Priest that are holy enough to come into the physical presence of God. We are all qualified to enter in. Just like Moses, he wants to speak to us face to face.

If I’m honest, I have been too comfortable for far too long, with what I can glimpse through the thoughts and experiences of those who made the journey up to the mountain to meet with the Father. Satisfied with second hand information, I have sold myself short of what Jesus made available for me. I am confronted by the truth that there is so much more of the Father’s heart to explore and experience.

This morning as I woke up, I heard Psalm 24 ringing in my ears: Who can ascend to the hill of the Lord? My response is, I can! Thank you, Jesus for making it possible. Thank you for making me qualified to meet face to face with my Maker. I will ascend, regardless of how I feel, because I need the presence of the Father in my life. I can not function without it. I can not occupy my promised land, without hearing his voice directing my steps. And knowing his heart, will keep me steady on the path he marked out for me.

May you be encouraged today, to lock eyes with the Father. May you see him looking at you with eyes of love, acceptance and approval. He sees you as someone with clean hands and a pure heart. My prayer is that we will be part of a generation of God seekers. And as we seek him, his presence will be revealed in us. That we will be the ancient gates that ushers in the King of Glory.

You see, the sacrifice that Jesus made has not only torn the veil in the temple. It made a way for us to be his temple. His dwelling place. Today, there is no mountain to ascend to get into his presence, he is already present inside of us. Maybe the mountain we have to conquer is the belief that we do not qualify to meet with him. That we are not good enough. Allow the Holy Spirit to show you today, that you are good enough.

We are more than qualified, we are carriers of the presence of God. Regardless of how we feel about our performance.

Pause, and think about that!


Today, I hear the Father declare over me: “Beloved Child, you do not have to try so hard to be perfect for me. My Son has already met the all the requirements on your behalf. Because of him, your hands are clean and your heart is pure. You are free to come into my throne room, whenever you want. Whether you are having a good day, or a bad day. It makes no difference to how I look at you. So let go of condemnation and come! This is the place where you will find wisdom, help and mercy when you need it most. Because I love you so!” ❤